Wednesday, July 13, 2011

[51kafe] new pictures 12.07.2011

매일 매일 조금씩 변해가고 있습니다.

Looks like almost done, but!
there are still something ~ you should keep watching :D

토마토 체리주스
토마토는 좀..평범한 느낌이라 체리를 넣으면 어떨까? 해서 탄생한 음료!
작게 갈린 체리가 보이시나요??
작지만 굉장히 건강에 좋은 "체리"를 즐겨보아요^^

Tomato - cherry Juice.
It feels like tomatoes are too common ingredient for making a juice..
So! We thought out cherries!
Can you see that tiny pieces of cherries???
Cherries are sooooo good for your health~

credit : 51kafe@facebook

love the wooden '51k' sign in there, such a great idea...wish i can take a pic with it ^^

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