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[Fan Account] So Ji Sub in Thailand 16 -19 June 2011

Dear Sonicklism @SJS Soompi Thread shared with us her encounter with Jisub while in Thailand, thanks dearie ^^ im shoving in here all her posts ^^ enjoy reading ^^

* on 16.06.2011
Just came back from welcoming Jisub & HHJ at the airport.
So sad that I was 5 minutes late and so as to many Thai fans who didn't waited at the right exit/floor. :( Jisub waved back to them though.
My 2 friends who could access to VIP exit did get Jisub's sigy and one of them even grab Jisub's hand onto her cheek.:w00t:
She also took VDO clip almost 30 sec. and now she's loading it. Will share with you guys shortly.

Another group of Thai fan club reached the hotel earlier than us and were so lucky that they follow Jisub and the whole crews to eat street noodle (in front of 7-Elevent nearby the hotel). They sat on the table next to Jisub.

After I and my friends found out which hotel thay actually stayed, I got a chance to talk to Jisub's manager.
He was cute, friendly, and way much younger than in pics. 

During next 2 days, I will follow the filming till they go back home, Hope to get sigy on my THE WAY book and Jisub's pic that I took with me today.
* on 17.06.2011
Again, the second day of Thailand fanclub following the filming of Only You in Bangkok took 12 hours from 9 am - 9 pm.
Today's summary (Jun17)
9.00 - 11.00 am. => Filming in front of the hotel on a vehical (so sorry that I can't tell you guys to keep the filming secret)
11.30 am. => Jisub went stright to us to give his signature to 7-8 fans including me. I slightly touch Jisub's cold hand by chance :phew: . I also greeted 2 Jisub's managers esp. Miss Kim Jung Hee. She was surprised that I called her name.
11.40 am. - 12.40 pm. => Jisub, HHJ, and the whole staff got on 5 vans and went out to have lunch (Thai food) at a cineplex.
12.40 - 1.30 pm. => Move to another famous location and staff set up equipments.
1.30 - 3.30 pm. => Filming 4 marking spots. We all were just 1-3 meters close to Jisub :wub: . We didn't realized that they finished filming then. All staff, Jisub, and HHJ clapped thier hands and hug one another. HHJ slightly jumped to Jisub and hug Jisub so tight. I was dying. :crazy:
3.30 - 6.30 pm. => Headed back to the hotel and relax time.
6.30 - 10.00 pm. => All staff, Jisub, and HHJ went out for dinner. Some fans also went their for dinner.
Tomorrow (Jun18) we will send them back to Korea at the airport agian. There'll be a lot more fans come to see Jisub.
HHJ postpones her schedule to Sunday19 for her interview with Thai media.
- There were 30-40 fans today.
- A lead production staff eventually let us take photos and clips during filming but ask us not to post them on any web coz the movie has not yet been release. So I'll post some pics and clips that not relevant to the movie in a couple days.
- That same staff then asked us how could Thai fan know about this filming. I explained HHJ fan let Jisub's fan know that HHJ will come to Thailand between Jun16-18 to film Only You. I said it is imposible to film only HHJ. Thailand is famous for Thai boxing (Muay Thai) and Jisub is a boxer, then Jisub must also come to Thailand for some reason. We also guessed which hotel they will stay .
At this point, the staff' kind of wow with our logic.

* Today I did take pic with him during autograph. :w00t: His 2 managers didn't block us from Jisub at all.

At 9.30 am., I shown (5 meters distance) him my the Way book and his handsome boxing pic. Hope he saw that.
Then at 11.30 am. before getting on the van, he walked streight to us to give his autograph.
After that he went back to the lobby again for a minute and walk out again to get on the van.
How generous he gave to his fan here in Thailand that have rarely chance to meet him.

* Jun 17 : Late at night

After dinner, Jisub went back to the hotel. I heard that he went to disco club in the hotel until it was close. :w00t:
This was good for him to relax and had fun with production team.
Jun 18 : Free time & Go back to Korea

Morning => Some of Thai fan were told by hotel staff that everyone including Jisub and HHJ checked out since 8.00 am. and went to Pattaya beach. :ph34r: :tears:

1.00 - 5.30 pm. => I went out with my friends to buy souvenir for Jisub, his 2 managers, and HHJ. I bought Thai Kick Boxing (Muay Thai) short and Took Took (3-wheel taxi) while my friends bought Mauy Thai T-Shirt. Those souvenir will remind Jisub that...
1. One of the souvenir is what shown in Only You movie (you will know soon).
2. They represent Thailand.
3. Thanks Jisub that he come to Thailand. This is the first time that Thai fan actuall meet him.

5.30 - 6.30 pm. => We heard that Jisub and the whole production team still at the hotel. What about check-out at 8.00 am? :angry: So we rushed to the hotel and packed souvenir.

6.30 - 8.00 pm. => I ran around the hotel to check whether Jisub still at the hotel. If so, when would he come down, which lobby/exit (G vs. B level), would he go to the airport by van / bus / limo. :wacko: :sweatingbullets:
There was no confirmation. We just waited and stand in line in the lobby at B level,

8.00 - 8.20 pm. => The whole production team came down with their luggages to lobby at B level. No Jisub and HHJ. :blink:
We found out that HHJ didn't postpone her flight to June19, so I gave HHJ's souvenir to a production staff and asked to pass it to her.
They left the hotel with a bus.

8.20 - 8.50 pm. => It was so hectic when a hotel staff said Jisub left the hotel already and a production staff said Jisub would go back to Korea on June19 instead. But I believed Jisub still was there and (with luck) Jisub manager (Song Hwan Kim..I had a conversation on June16) went down to the lobby.
I asked Mr.Song and he confirmed Jisub still was there. I gave him his Took Took and said I still had souvenir for Jisub and another female manager (Kim Jung Hee) so please ask Jisub to exit lobby at B level. Mr. Song finally said ok. :wub:
I also asked his name...he pronounced slowly and so cute.

30 minutes later of waiting without sign that Jisub and HHJ would come down, the same production staff came to me again and said "I'll think about it". I realized that she meaned she did aware of our patience to just wait for Jisub and stand in line for an hour, so she would let Jisub come down at this lobby.
Finally at 9.10 pm. HHJ came down with her manager and walked 2 meters ahead of Jisub and his managers. Please see this clip again with my explaination below.
[media][/media] [by my freind Nok & Hmom]

Thai fan started to walk along Jisub. I (long hair with red sleeveless t-shirt) gave souvenir to Jisub...Mr.Song tried to carry them but we all (Jisub, Mr.Song, and me) were pushed up front toward the van. So I still hold the souvenir bag. You can see me handed out the souvenir bag to Jisub on the van. He gave me autograph on my I Am Ghost book (because I standed on the right hand of Mr.Song and in front of Jisub). Jisub gave the book to Mr.Song so it took few more seconds to get it back. My friend also gave another souvenir bag to Mr.Song. I asked Mr.Song to give it to Ms.Kim. Ms.Kim and HHJ manager then stepped on the van followed by Mr.Song.
The van ran out. Some of Thai fan followed to the airport. 
* Jisub's managers. They both are so nice and good looking

 5-6 vans to escort Jisub, HHJ, and production staff. Traffic police in front of Jisub & HHJ's van



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