Sunday, July 31, 2011

[Download links] So Ji Sub in ‘Infinite Challenge’ 30.07.2011

MBC Infinity Challenge (무한도전) was aired today : Jul.30 6:30pm KST .. cant wait to watch the show, ive seen some pix & Jisub looked happy & having great time ^^ so glad for him ^^
here are the download links ive come across in Soompi ^^ thanks to Meebo & Tekashi @Infinity Challenge Thread ^^

[30.07.2011] Infinity Challenge Ep.260

available to download at


Torrent Link E260 (Baros & HANrel & OMG / 450p & UKN / 450p):
thanks to Semi-fly@soompi


lei love sjs said...
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lei love sjs said...

Thanks for sharing but I cant download the link, hope u will post the vid in ur blog.

Hind said...

you're welcome..i hope to find vids in YT for this show & ill surely post them in here ^^

MakinoSev said...

you're awesome! thanks for sharing :)

MakinoSev said...

hello again, i guess FS Link is broken :( i can't download the sub.

Theresa De Guzman said...

Hi! Can you please reupload? Thanks! ��

My name is Q_tHinK said...

Hi, can you please reupload the link please? Thanks.