Thursday, March 31, 2011

SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun wants to shoot a movie like "Rough Cut"

my sis (who is a die hard fan of SS501 ^^) came across this interiew of Kim Hyung Jun/Baby where he talks bout Rough Cut, the boy just rose in my top list haha

im gonna post the part where he talks abut the movie, he was asked about acting with SS501 leader Kim Hyung Joong & what kind of movie he'd like to make..

News: TV Daily
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Kim Hyungjun, “I want to shoot a movie like ‘Rough Cuts’ with Hyunjoong hyung”

It isn’t only music that strikes in common for SS501. Including Kim Hyungjun, Kim Hyunjoong, Park Jungmin and Kim Kyujong have all tried their stand in acting. “Acting with Hyunjoong hyung? I hope that it’d be something like we two could never meet each other because of a fatal affinity… I want to shoot a movie like ‘Rough Cuts’. I want to try the role like So Jisub-ssi’s with that cool and handsome profile accompanied by an appealing voice”.

Omo omo!! isnt he cute ^^

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Nivras said...

ohhh very cute!!!! we really know how he is feeling! SJS is perfect there!
thanks dear for news! ^___^