Wednesday, March 9, 2011

[51k updates] Main page pix 08032011

been lurking in SJS Soompi Thread till dear Sarvin uploaded these new pix from 51k main page, i couldnt do it myself cuz i couldnt get them kekeke so huge thanx dear Sarvin ^^
click to enlarge

isnt this the same outfit Jisub wore in Giordano Launching event??

Om My!! how i adore his hands, need to put this one as my banner ^^

he must been cooking , yes for me kekeke

Om !! Kiki, miss you girl !!

all into the piece of paper he's holding in his precious hands, is it my letter???? kekeke

cute 51k & calendar ^^
Credit 51k


Nivras said...

sorry dear if I was late ^^''
love your cute comments for all of pix ^__^

khin said...

Looks like kiki was saying "Oppa Jisub, I don't want shrimp I want chicken" haha. She doesn't know how lucky she is...

Hind said...

à Nivras : it's ok dear, no worries ^^ & thanks you ^^
@ Khin : yes my chingu, she doesnt know how many girls are dying of jealousy & envy haha

tina said...

hey guys anybady can tell me where i can find so ji sub T-shert,poster in the USA stors