Thursday, March 3, 2011

So Ji Sub in Japan for his fanmeeting 27/02/2011

on the 27th February, Jisub held a fan meeting in Japan, almost 10.000 fan gathered to see him..we didnt get pix from the events ( the fan meeting & the signing event), just some were on the's a copyright thing, but it's ok since ther'll be a DVD of the event out soon
Jisub landed in the Japanese land on the 26th February via Haneda Airport, & he was met by plenty of fans who came to see him & cheer for him ^^ im so glad there were so much fans for him in the airport ^^ he was waving & shaking hands & smiling ^^
Concerning the fanmeetings,as ive read in some blogs & in 51k as well , the fans had great time, jisub was wearing his leopard jacket ( like the one in the MV), there was a Q&A section, gift section & a game section ..there was sth said abt "Pick Up Line" but not sure if he did sing it or just screened the said that he was nervous being it his first official fanmeeting in Japan, so cute ^^ wish i can find more fanaccounts ^^



credit on pic/Baidu/DC


Nivras said...

hi Hind dear ... thanks for details.
I'm very sad that can't reach to this event becouse I can't buy the DVD *SIGH*

Hind said...

hi Nivras dear ^^
dont be sad, im sure ther'll be a way for us to see it ^^ be patient ^^