Friday, March 18, 2011

"Only You" updates

at last here'r some news about Jisub's new movie" Only You" : the following pix were shared by a blog ( link below) & by dear Charlesriver@Soompi.. that seems to be the script reading & the ritual celebration .. 
i love Jisub outfit ^^ especially the shirt ( im not sure about the name keke) , the sunglasses, the head band , the jean, the shoes keke i know yes everything kekeke
im so envious of HHJ, you know i like the girl but i cant be not jealous right?? we cant right?? kekeke she's sitting on Jisub's right aaaah *sigh*

here are the other cast so far : 

강신일 / Kang Shin Il as Coach Choi
 박철민 / Park Chul Min as coach Bang
  조성하 / Jo Sung Ha
  Wee Seung-bae
 Jin Goo in Cameo role


Nivras said...

oh dear Hind , these days I'm just thinking HHJ is very lucky , damn lucky >_<

khin said...

He looks sooooooo cool!!!!! Yes Nivras, HHJ is one d_ _ _ lucky girl. My dear chingu we have right to get jelous about our man even with the girl we like ~_^