Friday, March 11, 2011

So Ji Sub 2011Fanmeeting in Tokyo : DVD will be out soon

Edit :
My bad..i guess i was so much waiting for this to happen so i just ruched it by 2 months kekeke thanks dear Nivras for pointing it out *hug*

The DVD of the Japanese fanmeetings Jisub had in the last 27th February will be out in 27/05/2011 ^^ it's subbed in Japanese , is 270 minutes length of Jisub & is ¥ 6.300 (tax included).
the links are below for more information ^^
huge thanx to dearests Coconut Milk@Soompi & Mariko@3asian..


Nivras said...

are you sure dear Hind? ^^
in the like (in bottom of page) is witten:
Release Date: 2011.5.27

Hind said...

@ Nivras : thanx dear ^^ i edited the post ^^

Nivras said...

*HUG BACK* ^_^