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[Ask stars] So Ji Sub " the Filming will start at March"

After shaking women's hearts with the dramas "Sorry, I Love You (2004), " What Happened in Bali" (2004) , "Cain and Abel" (2009) & "Road Number One" (2010), So Ji Sub will come back in 2011 with the movie "Only You" (directed by Song Il Gon, HB ent. production) as a former boxer. The movie is scheduled to be released in the fall , it's So Ji Sub's comeback to the big screen after two years & after his movies : "Movie is a movie" (2008) & " Sophie's Dating Manual" (2009).

A representative of So Ji Sub's agency 51K quoted Jiusb saying : "in this film i will assume the role of a former boxer who will go through a lot of sacrifice for his beloved one who is going to lose my vision ", he added that  " i was thinking that i want to immerse myself in a 'masterpiece' rather than just act, & I met the good work for that".
In addition, the agency representative Kim Jung Hee said "the shooting will start at the early March so Mr. So Ji Sub is in the process of analysing the scenario " & "  because his character is of a former boxer, he has been training boxing," he announced .
There was a lot of attention concerning the female protagonist "it is not yet confirmed , when she is the movie will continue," he also said.

Meanwhile, after the end of an exclusive contract with BOF in October 2009, So Ji Sub established his own agnecy '51K' : '51K' is named on So Ji Sub's two favorite numbers and the word 'Kingdom' which stand for the  'K'. 51K was involved in the production support of the drama "Road Number One" & also the publication of the photo essay, "The Way" .



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