Thursday, January 13, 2011

[ 51k ] New pictures 12/01/2010

on the 12th , 51k posted new pics for us to drool over kekek well not much news lately on Jisub, guess he's practicing for his new movie "Only You" ^^ no more news about the costar yet, im praying for some skillful actress..
SJS gallery will open to public next May ^^ 

White shirt is Heaven on Jisub keke

 Om My God !! be still my heart ...

credit 51k


Nivras said...

all of the works in SJS gallery are his own hand works?

khin said...

....his chest^^$#@%^&

은순김 said...

Very handsome

Hind said...

@ Nivras : i dont think there's any handworks done by Jisub in "the SJS gallery " apart from his contribution in the wall with 'deers' ^^ , i guess there is mainly his pix from "The Way" & works done by the talented artists he met through his travel ^^

@ Khin : im dying here too lol

@ 은순김 : yes he is very very ^^