Sunday, January 9, 2011

[Article] Hwang Young Chul remembers So Ji Sub best

an inetersting article were shared by dear Dahee @ JSA, tell me what you think ^^

Famous photographer Hwang Young Chul (who took the above photo), who has worked on many different dramas, recently did an interview, in which he was asked which actor or actress he remembers most out of all the ones he's worked with. His reply is very interesting. :D

Hwang: "I remember So Ji Sub the most. I first met him while working on 'I'm Sorry, I Love You', and encountered him again while working on 'Cain and Abel'. He has such a good heart, and he's unchanging. When I met him for the second time, he'd become a far more famous actor than he'd been when we'd first met, but he was the same. I really liked how he made me feel at ease, and his politeness. He's the only actor whose fan club I've joined. (laughs)"

So Ji Sub is famous for earning praise from all the staff he encounters in his dramas, even down to the catering ladies on set (according to a fan report). So this news is nothing new. But it's still nice to read about, isn't it? :)

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