Sunday, January 9, 2011

Concerning "Only You"

i want to share a comment posted by dear Dahee @ JSA regarding Jisub's  co-star in "Only You"

Song Hye Kyo and Ryu Seung Beom had apparently been cast in this movie last year (long before Jisub was cast), but they dropped out once funding problems arose. So Song was a contender, but she is no more. I think it'd be best not to hope for her, since the chances look very slim (besides, isn't she currently working overseas?). (Go Soo was also once upon a time considering this film, before similar problems arose.)

Actresses are reportedly jostling in line to star in this movie ever since news of Jisub's being cast was leaked to the press. It's well-known in the industry that Jisub is popular amongst actresses, and many of them want to work with him. A rumoured list of actresses who have become top contenders has been leaked, but the press has published only hints of who they might be. They're listed as:

A, who is gaining lots of popularity in a drama.
B, who has gained popularity in dramas, but hopes to achieve the same success in a movie.
C, who has a pure yet sexy image.
D, who hasn't been acting for a long time.

Credit : Dahee @ JSA

So who do you think the A, B, C, D unknown actresses could be???

let me start guessing kekeke

A. Ha Ji Won ( well cuz she's the one i can think of who's actually shooting a drama with the beautiful Hyun Bin)
B. Han Hyo Joo ( i liked her since "Brilliant Legacy" & when she said that she wants to go on a trip with Jisub, & because im a good girl ill let her droool kekeke)
C. i dont like this one at allllllll haha so im not guessing 
D. Kim Sun Ah ( Great actress, still have in mind her latest drama "Hall City" besides Jisub already said  he wanted to work with her)

now it's your turn ^^

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