Monday, January 24, 2011

So Ji SUB in Giordano : more pix

Some more Giordano pix were shared through cyworld as well as through dearest Coco @ SJS Soompi Thread ^^ I personnaly wanna be in Shin Mina's shoes RIGHT NOW ^^ kekeke

credit cyworld


khin said...

Wanna be in Shin Mina's shoes??? Don't forget me my chingu..^^ kekeke.

Zarina Jani said...

I really love that pic of JK and So Ji Sub playing baseball together!! 2 hunkies..

Hind said...

@ Khin : i cant forget you my chingu , we'll switch places every 3 minutes, is it ok?? lol

@ Zarina Jani : i love their brotherhood too , they seem closer than in the first pix with Giordano ^^