Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[Video] So Ji Sub cheering for the Olmypic athletes

love this piece of news ^^

translation 한초하 via Sarvin @ Soompi :
Korean national team selected SoJisub as the star who they really want to meet the most. (Yes, SoJisub is in the first place)
Many stars participated in Support Show of SBS to support & encourage Korean olympic national team at the SBS studio.
But SoJisub couldn't be there due to Ghost shooting. There was only video msg of him. But only SoJisub could get the big scream. But beloe video is edit version.
We can see how many stars will be there. Except SoJisub, they were at studio with national team members.

SoJisub : Hello, I am SoJisub
Reporter : SoJisub ssi, you are chosen to the star (No.1) who national team members want to meet the most.
Especially, JungDaoon of Judo told that she could win olympic gold medal if SoJisub ssi gives her to meet him.
SoJisub : Ah, really?. It is my honer. I really want to meet our national team members and cheer them but I am so afraid not to go to studio because of drama shooting. And thank you so much. Especially, JungDaoon athlete of Judo, please win a gold medal. Fighting.
It is not importat to win a gold medal but more important thing is to trust yourselves and do your best for your best play without regret. Korean national team fighting!!!

Captures by dearest Coco @ Soompi 

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