Friday, July 27, 2012

[Article/Spoiler] ‘Ghost’ Um Ki Joon, Threatens So Ji Sub Using His Son

July 26, 2012

Cho Hyun Min(Um Ki Joon) warned Park Ki Young(So Ji Sub) using Kim Woo Hyun's son.
On the episode aired on the 26th, Park Ki Young found out that Kim Woo Hyun's son Kim Sun Woo has been missing and he went to a playground near the house.
When he was searching the playground, he found Cho Hyun Min who was playing with Sun Woo and he told Sun Woo, "Go play somewhere quiet" and made an opportunity to talk to Cho Hyun Min.
To this, Cho Hyun Min said, "I don't know what being fair is. You need to cheat sometimes. I killed many people so far and adding two more to the number is an easy task. So you better back off from my work", and warned him. And to this, Park Ki Young said, "If you harm Woo Hyun's father and Sun Woo, I will kill you" out of anger.
Credit : en.koreaportal 

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