Friday, July 13, 2012

[Article/Spoiler] "Ghost - Drama" makes people fall for it


"Ghost - Drama" is about to become a drama that 'hooks' people.
The game of detectives with the drama "Ghost - Drama" and the viewers has reached its peak. The brain games "Ghost - Drama" has been playing on the viewers by luring them into the intentional foreshadow got even more interesting in the process of looking for the internal spy.
On the thirteenth episode of "Ghost - Drama", Park Ki-yeong (So Ji-sub), Kwon Hyeok-joo (Kwak Byeong-gyoo) and Yoo Kang-mi (Lee Yeon-hee) found the spy who killed Yeom Jae-hee (Jeong Moon-seong) and stole the USB. Ki-yeong traced back the whereabouts of Lee Tae-gyoon (G.O), Kang Eung-jin (Baek Seung-hyeon), Lee Hae-ram (Bae Min-hee) and Byeon Sang-woo (Im Ji-gyoo) who he picked out by hacking into the National Police Agency investigations computer.
"Ghost - Drama" revealed its unique advantage in solving a case. The statements of the four people were revealed first and then as their alibis check out, the possible spy changed from Lee Tae-gyoon to Byeon Sang-woo and the real spy turned out to be Kang Eung-jin. Only those who had been with the drama from the beginning would've understood this.
There were no twists that smacked you on the head but it showed the true worth of an investigations drama. Already having surprised viewers with various twists, following the steps of Park Ki-yeong alone was intense enough. Everyone fell for cornering a suspect and making another character the real culprit.
A spokesperson said, "No one knows how "Ghost - Drama" is going to flow. We have had requests to reveal who the spy is or where the story was going to lead but we don't know either and sometimes we are in a tight spot because we don't know".
Source : ( Anglais ) /Hancinema

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