Friday, July 13, 2012

[Article/Spoiler] "Ghost - Drama" So Ji-sub tells Kwak Byeong-gyoo "Kim Woo-hyeon is dead, I am Park Ki-yeong"

4rth July

Hyeok-joo (Kwak Byeong-gyoo) couldn't help but be surprised.
On the episode of "Ghost - Drama" on the 4th, Ki-yeong revealed that he wasn't Woo-hyeon (So Ji-sub).
Hyeok-joo was in shock at the unbelievable death of Yeong-seok (Kwon Hae-hyo) and was determined to catch the criminal himself.
Hyeok-joo started tracing Yeong-seok's death and found out that Woo-hyeon was involved with his death and later believed that Woo-hyeon killed Yeong-seok.
Hyeok-joo ran into Ki-yeong who was also struggling to find out the real killer and looking for evidence in the car that Yeong-seok died in due to a mysterious accident. Hyeok-joo shoved a picture of Woo-hyeon and Hyeon-min (Eom Gi-joon) meeting together in Ki-yeong's face and asked if that was what he was looking for.
Hyeok-joo continued yelling, "Detective Han said he would report back when things got clear. He kept this a secret from me because he trusted you but why did you do that? Why did you kill him? Answer me Kim Woo hyeon. Is it you? Did you kill Nam Sang-won and detective Han?"
Ki-yeong calmly answered, "I am not Woo-hyeon, he is dead".
Hyeok-joo asked what he was talking about and Ki-yeong explained how the man who killed Nam Sang-won and detective Han also killed Woo-hyeon.
He continued, "Woo-hyeon died in the explosion. I am Park Ki-yeong" and Hyeok-joo was in shock.
Meanwhile, this confession might lead to Ki-yeong and Hyeok-joo joining hands and it turned out that Yeong-seok who seemed to be the leak in the police force then, was killed by Hyeon-min for finding the laptop that was crucial evidence to the Nam Sang-won murder case.
Source : reviewstar.hankooki.c... ( English )
Translation : Hancinema via soompi

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