Friday, July 13, 2012

[Article] "This is why..." So Ji-sub's 20 smiles

 Actor So Ji-sub was captured with 20 different smiles.
This 20-smile set of So Ji-sub is all the captures from the filming set of SBS drama "Ghost - Drama" put together.
In the picture, So Ji-sub is cheerful, pure, sweet, gentle, warming, shiny,, bright, pretty, soft and more. Earning himself the nickname 'So Ganji' for his well-built body and sophisticated style, this time he swoons female fans once again for his smiles.
A spokesperson from the drama said, "So Ji-sub is a very simple and humane actor. He never shows that he is exhausted and likes to play around so everyone here always has fun thanks to him".
Netizen's say, "I want to fall into that smile", "He's good looking no matter what he does", "Where can I go to see that smile?" and more.
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Credit : Willenette & Sarvin @ SJS Soompi Thread

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