Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Online petition for the english version of SJS's book "The Way"

Dear Dahee@JSA has made a petition Request for an English Translation of So Ji Sub's photobook "The Way" for all non-korean fans , it'll be sent to 51k in hopes that we'll get our english version besides the already existant korean & japanese ones ^^
ill past Sarvin's post in Soompi, for she just said everything ^^
when i got the news & signed , i was number 23, can we count who signed in here as well?? that'll be great ^^ thanks a bunch to all of you ^^
P.S: i dont know how that happened but i didnt find myself in number 23, maybe i didnt click the right button,  so i resigned or signed & im sure of it now, im number 30 *shy*

It's the petition of us for translation of So Jisub photo book "The Way" to english.

please leave your signature with your name in this site.
please help to broadcast this link to all SJS forums / fan pages / fan blogs / famous websites like facebook , Twitter , youtube and ... all you know between your friends.
don't forget that we need at least 1000 fans signatures to render it to 51K!
here's the link :  http://www.petitiono...1/petition.html

First suggested by Marie Antoinette Miranda @ Facebook 
Created and written by Dahee Fanel @JSA


Imane said...

im number 24 yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

weiwei said...

done no.33...it's a brilliant idea. ^^

Sam0779 said...

Excellent Idea, I still bought the book but as you mentioned, as a non Korean speaking person it's impossible to read. I hope this can be acheieved! Thanks

khin said...

I was out of town... my no is 85^^ which is my lucky number..
well, very pround of him for the first Korean actor who will have his name marked on the Korean map.

StarRain said...

Great idea! I'm #113! How can we get more signatures? I would love to have this in English. I do have it in Korean now.

Hind said...

thanks so much for signing the petition ^^
we already wrote abt the petition in Soompi, JSA, here & in TSJS's twitter account, ive made my sis & bro sign too kk i cant think of other ways to spread the word...any suggestion would be great ^^

tasha.kramskaja said...
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KNAtka said...

Thank you! It's a brilliant idea!
I'm from Russia & I have the book, but I don't understand no word.. I would love to have this in English))
We russian SJS's fans will get signatures too))
i'm #153 ^^