Thursday, June 23, 2011

"51kafe" has an official page on facebook

51k has made an official page on facebook for the coffee shop called "51kafe" : , the 51k admin updates the page with various Jisub pix..till today there'r only 309 followers, how come?? are Jisub fans only 309 ones??? guys we need to make this page a must for all jisub fans ^^ ill post the link alongside the other links on the right side of the blog ^^ so guys click on it & be active there ^^ we need to let Jisub & 51k stuff know we're here, where are we from & show our daily support ^^

P.S : the link is up on the right ^^

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ELSIE said...

A great place to know SJS more...come and join us in our support to SJS....his fans are surely 10 or 100 times more than 300!!