Thursday, June 2, 2011

[51k updates] New pictures 01-06-2011

some new 51k official pix were shared by dear Sarvin @SJS Soompi thread via April..cant thank you enough ....i find no words to describe the pix...

" u're too beautiful to be eaten, ill just stare at u"
 his laugh's making my day
" yes im making a cup for you dear " yes yes he's talking to me kkkk
 he's too good to be true *faint*
 no comment *faint*
♥♥ my wallpaper ♥♥
 i sooooooooooooo love his elegant beautiful mesmerizing hands ♥
 aaaaaah *faint

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MaiaCan said...

Oppa, i'm still waiting for ur next project "Only You". I'm so curious a lot about it. I wish u best of luck..Keep Fighting Oppa... I always support u..God bless:)