Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Saturn's post @ Soompi on "Only You" shooting

im so happy we have such fans as dear Saturn, here again she's sharing with us updates on Jisub & his new movie "Only You" ^^ 
From dear Saturn :

Tomorrow (May.16) I film movie with Jisub.
Well... it's not my first movie.
I've appeared Jisub's movie or drama many times... Did you see me in his drama or movie?
Maybe not, because I am a kind of mysticism actress. And there wasn't my name on the credit list.

I was one of 300 audience in the concert scene of Cain and Abel ep 1, and I was one of 1000 people on the street in the movie 'Movie is movie'.
And tomorrow, I will be one of 300 audience again in the concert scene of Jisub and Han Hyo Joo's date.
I am not sure whether I will be able to focus on singers on the stage not Jisub in the audience seat.
But it's actress's destiny. I will do my best.

I am busy preparing snack for Jisub and movie staff. a hundred sandwich and Powerade (Jisub is model) and candy bar...
The filming schedule is from 1pm to 10pm, but I am sure it will be longer than that, maybe overnight.
I am ready for spending night with Jisub. :D 

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