Monday, May 2, 2011

[Pix] So Ji Sub in "Powerade"

the following pix are so great i cant help staring at them again & again ..some of you might be looking for Jisub's tattoo, i did that too, ive been scrutinizing these pix so hard my eyes hurted haha but ive noticed the photographer didnt took pics from Jisub's right side where the tattoo is but from his left side, & if you stare a bit when his right arm is a bit clear, you can see some glimpse of the tattoo (chek the very last pic) ..
i cant wait for the official pix or another CF 
dont forget to click to enlarge the pix ^^


credit /Baidu


Sam0779 said...
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Sam0779 said...

How does he manage to look so delicious and still maintain that level of professionalism and dedication!!! Definitely got me smiling :)