Thursday, May 19, 2011

[Fanaccount] Saturn's post @ Soompi on "Only You" shooting 18-05-2011

fanaccount by Saturn @ SJS Soompi Thread : 

May.16 Filming report.

The concert scene filming was from 1:30pm to 5pm.
Then we had dinner. The next scene was to be filmed at sunset tiem. so we were waiting outside on the street.
I took photo of Jisub's new car. He must be inside looking at outside, but we couldn't see inside, so we took picture comfortably. :D

Jisub's new car
He loves to write name on the car.

Next scene was audience going out after the concert.
My position was just in front of Jisub.
So I had to be taken a lot of pictures by people on the street.

It's me. :D (pink backpack)
It's mee too. -_-;
My backpack :)

I am in front of black suit and black tie. 8 people in this picture are our fan cafe members.

Before the meeting time, we fans gathered 2 hours early and worked for the snack.
Label printed by my home printer. We put it on Powerade, can coffee bottle and sandwitch.

We're packing snack for movie staffs for 100 people.

A sandwitch, Powerade, can coffee, chocolate, tangerine and a candy are for one person.
It was very hot working on the street parking lot. But all of us were happy.

After the filming, Jisub and his fans took picture together. Maybe it will be posted at 51K website.
I've seen him for 13 years. He is getting more and more generous. He used to be a sensitive guy. But now he is smiling all the time.

After filming, Han Hyojoo went to a restaurant to treat her fans. She stayed there later than us.
Jisub and movie staffs went to other place for a filming of Jisub's scene.
I heard they ate our snack after all the filming was over at night.
It was a wonderful day. And the movie seemed brighter than I thought. My expectation is getting higher.
The weather is getting hotter. So we fans are planning to visit once more to treat them cool fruit. 

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