Wednesday, May 18, 2011

[Article] Before they were Hallyu Stars? … They were?

im pasting an article translated by dear Leena@JSA, huge thanks dearie ^^

[Article] Before they were Hallyu Stars? … They were?

Summary Translation by Hmonggirl30@JSA

Singers, actors, and various attractive people were once in a time zone when stardom was not at their peak. However, the childhood dream they all had back then came into reality. A few of them never thought they had a chance or that it became an occupation. Call it pure LUCK or ACCIDENTAL just to be discovered by the entertainment industry. Sometimes you do have to believe in DREAMS and LUCK - like some of these Hallyu Stars.

Physical conditions and being an athlete are just some of the specialties that comes in the package of being a Hallyu’s Actor and Actress. For example, 
Actor – So JiSub is well-known to be a great swimmer. During So JiSub's high school days, he was awarded a bronze medal for competing in swimming tournaments. He also was a Water Polo Player. 
(other Hallyu Stars were mentioned in the article too, but only summarized SJS’s part)

The Star's unique personal history is entertaining and exciting for FANs. The experienced from these Stars tells us that they have been through a lot in life, they are regular people like us, and have dreams and passion too. Knowing this about Hallyu Stars can bring a message of hope to others who wants to be the LUCKY or DREAMER in becoming a part of this industry; a message of hope.

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