Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[TUTORIAL] Options to Watch"Ghost" s Live Broadcast Online

The drama "Ghost" is scheduled to air 9:50PM KST every Wednesday and Thursday.
 Premieres May 30th 2012

If you want to know what time it airs in your timezone, click on this link:

List of Links to watch "Ghost" online:

To watch online streaming, simply click on this link and you’re all set to watch: SBS GHOST

To watch online streaming, click on this link: TIYUBA. Choose SBS.

(OPTION 3) SoLive

  • Once, you’ve registered, go back to the SoLive Player, and Log-in (yellow button)

  • Choose SBS HD from the Channels list on the right.

Source: SBS Gorealra, Tiyuba 
, SoLive , KJJ Int’l Fans , PrinceJJ


StarRain said...

Thank you for this information! I cannot wait to start watching this drama...even if it starts at 6am in my time zone!

Sisilia Herjanti said...

ah... we don't understand the dialog tough.. I'll be waiting until they have eng sub :(