Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Ghost" shooting updates/BTS -2-

sharing dear Saturn's post from Soompi , u'd surely wanna be in her shoes, personally i do...

May.3 'Ghost' filming location.

This is a small video cip of Apr.20 filming in Korean National Police University.
I was there, but I couldn't enter the hall. This video is filmed by the university student.

Photo of the same day, by the student too
 This is by me :)

My short account of Apr.20:
The filming was in the main hall. Since we were not students, not wearing uniform, we couldn't enter the hall of course.
We were in the small room next to the hall. We could hear all the sound, Jisub's lecturing voice.
Suddenly I heard a man's voice from right beside me, "What are you doing here?"
I looked at him and it was Jisub! He was standing in the small room, in front of us.
We were so surprised, we stood up and said,
"We came to see your filming. We couldn't enter, so we were here just hearing your voice."
"Wow how you do this! We were so surprised!"
Jisub was drinking cold drink. He smiled and said, "Enjoy seeing the filming and go back safely. Bye~"
Then he came back to the main hall.
After the lecture scene, he filmed one more short outdoor scene.  

& here are more BTS pix shared by DC :

Credit DC

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