Saturday, May 5, 2012

[Article] So Ji Sub models for sports drink Powerade

Actor So Jiseob has been chosen as the model for Coca Cola's sports drink, Powerade.

A spokesperson from Coca Cola said on April 30th, "So Jiseob has been our model since 2011, and we decided to work with him again this time. Ahead of the London Olympics, we will come up with a dynamic commercial that will push us past our boundaries."

The previous commercial showed off So Jiseob's tennis skills; this time, the focus is on his swimming and diving abilities. The dynamic scene shows him swimming against rough waves.

The spokesperson said, "From being a water polo athlete, to a model, actor, photographer, rapper and a magazine publisher, his charismatic ability to push his boundaries makes him a good fit with our brand image."

He continued, "We are extremely pleased with this commercial as he was able to display his swimming prowess and describe Powerade's characteristics well."

Source: Sports Korea
credit: thanks to Sarvin @ So Ji Sub Soompi Thread

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