Thursday, May 31, 2012

[Article] Round 3, "Bridal Mask", "I Do" and "Ghost - Drama" last

While all the KBS 2TV, MBC and SBS dramas have taken off their veils, KBS 2TV "Bridal Mask" lead the way and SBS "Ghost - Drama" came in last.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, "Bridal Mask" on the 30th rated 12.7%, MBC "I Do, I Do" rated 10.5% and "Ghost - Drama" rated 7.6%.
The three programs were generally well reviewed. "Bridal Mask" was said to have had a quick development and "I Do, I Do" caught everyone's attention with its cheery scenes just like the romantic comedy it is.
"Ghost - Drama" poked in everyone's curiosity with the first episode starting off with an actress' death, giving it the name "Sign" season 2.
However, it was the only drama that rated in single digits. So Ji-sub and Lee Yeon-hee are the leading Hallyu stars here but it still came in last and reminded everyone that the success of a drama doesn't have anything to do with a star's stardom.
However, it is too early to be disappointed; KBS 2TV "The Equator Man" rated 7% at first but was acknowledged for its quality and rose up to first place. Therefore, "Ghost - Drama" has many possibilities to recover.
"The Bridal Mask" isn't all at ease as well. The layout of the drama and the performances were outstanding but Jin Se-yeon's awkward action scenes and other supporting actors are not as favorable as the other leading actors.
This is the start. With a 5% difference between the first and last drama, the drama plate might show changes anytime now.
Source : ( Coréen ) / Hancinema

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