Friday, March 23, 2012

[Video] So Ji Sub 그렇고 그런 얘기[feat. Huh Gak & Mellow] MV

he's so beautiful to look at ^^
Edit : Oh God!! just saw the lyrics below the vid in Youtube...must have been blinded by Jisub's amaziness to look anywhere else haha
those are kinda sad lyrics, brought tears to my i too sensitive or what??

Credit : fono40 @ YT

So Ji Sub (Feat. Huh Gak, Mellow) - Such A Story (그렇고 그런 얘기) MV

When I lose the one that I wanted
Everything I had got destroyed
When you lose the one that you needed
You will be regret It's not a game

Don't try to avoid it, be clear because I know too
I know by now that it's different from before,
That even the words "I love you" sound cold
Meeting like this because you're too sorry to break up with me
Is such a miserable thing to do for you and for me, we both get exhausted
I wanted to protect you but because I was so exhausted from enduring through next to you,
I restricted you, cursed you but I won't see our memories become ruined
So please let me go, I won't despise you - please leave
Help me so that I can protect my memories as beautiful moments

* Eventually, you're going to linger around me
But you're saying those words
You won't be able to throw me away
But always, it's those same words

** I don't love you - it's up till here now
You won't believe even these words but
It's like a common but broken story
Please leave me

It's okay, don't worry - I'm not the same person as before as well
Because I won't be clinging onto you or clutching my phone that called you
Don't concern yourself, leave comfortably, I mean it
This isn't a lie for you
I'm too tired to be pulled around by lingering attachments
The spot that we filled for each other is now completely empty
I'm not blaming you, I just want one thing from you
Don't remember your pain - so your last memory won't be torture

* repeat

I also did all that I could but it's all over
I know this can't go on, you know this too
I also did all that I could but it's all over

Saying that you only love me (it can't be helped)
Just those kinds of words (as much as that)
All the promises that say you'll treat me well (I can't take it anymore)
Useless stories that won't ever be used again (It's over)

If you're not going to love me, just let me go
Our love is over please let me go
I won't cling onto you, don't worry about that
This is how love ends

It was only our attachment that prevented us from breaking up
I don't want to become miserable
I won't cling onto you, I won't cling onto you

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