Wednesday, March 14, 2012

[Article] So Ji Sub confirms crime drama "Ghost"

It's on.. we'll be able to see Jisub in a drama after 2 years of waiting !!!!!

The new drama Ghost is a go for So Ji-sub, which brings him back to television after two years away......

In "Ghost", So Ji-sub stars as a cold detective in a cyber crimes investigation unit. It’s not a fantasy drama but the setting is described as “a cyber world different from the world we live in” — one where cyber investigators find out people’s secrets that are hidden in their ultramodern techie gadgets, “solving puzzles with suspense and thrills.”

So’s character, Kim Woo-hyun, is the son to a high-ranking official of the police department, and has progressed with top marks through academy, training, and now as an elite officer himself. He’s got a strong sense of duty, a perfectionist attitude toward his work, and is one of his department’s top brains. His leadership skills are excellent but also believes that harboring friendships can be detrimental to his work. Naturally, the one person who can open his heart is someone with whom he has “a conflicting fate,” a former friend and rival. So… basically he’s the police version of Park Shin-yang genius coroner counterpart from Sign, which was the PD’s last drama.

Ghost will be a Wednesday-Thursday drama that premieres in May.

Via TV Daily / dramabeans

Note: The female lead is Lee Yeon Hee.

More info :

“Kim Woo Hyun” solves cases by the book, is a workaholic, and is a strong leader. However, he is too objective in relationships. He will also have a rival in the character named “Ki Young.”

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