Friday, March 9, 2012

[Article] So Ji Sub's return to dramaland?

Perhaps there’s something in the water, but 2012 seems to be the year for film actors to return to television. And So Ji-sub might be next, if they can wrangle Mr. Broodypants for the part. I got all excited over the drama’s title — Ghost — thinking of course that it’d be a supernatural story (because who doesn’t like a broody undead guy?) but alas, it’s a misdirect. The drama, from the writer-director team behind last year’s hit forensic drama Sign, is about a cyber investigation team. But! Broody undead guy! Way more interesting than crack analyst!

I’m curious as to how they plan to make a cyber crime division dramatically engaging, but I suppose if they follow Sign‘s model then we’ll have some cops and prosecutors running about to keep the action going. I can foresee the same setup, just trading digital forensics for the more traditional dead-body kind, though really, blood and guts are a little more gripping than encryption algorithms. I dunno. They all look like Matrix-screensavers to me.

The trick is really to make the crimes interesting, in which case the techie stuff is just a vehicle for the hero to be a genius or whatever (’cause you KNOW he’ll be one). People loved Sign (it was a mid-twenties ratings leader) so I’m sure they’ll pull off another crack forensic procedural. It’s been two years since So Ji-sub’s last drama, Road No. 1, which… I can’t remember, because I paid to have it scrubbed from my brain. There were some side effects, but it was worth it… I think? I can’t remember.

Ghost will follow Rooftop Prince on SBS, premiering sometime in May.

Via TV Report / dramabeans

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