Thursday, March 15, 2012

[CONTEST] JSA first official contest !!!

im not sure if u know this, but JSA was the first forum that made me fall more & more in love with Jisub, know more about his personality, his works, to drool on his pix, vids, interviews etc etc ...the team is just amazing, it's like a big warm Jisub family, & on this last March 11th was JSA's 7th birthday *happy dance* ^^  as a celebration , the modmins decided to annouce JSA's first official contest.
i hope many Jisub fans will participate, i know there are much more than i ever thought ^^ guys we need ur writing skills ^^
i hope this wont be the last contest by JSA, your particpation will give us more courage to hold more exicting & amazing events ^^
so to ur keyboards ^^

the details are below written by our Admin Dahee @ ^^ :

"As we all know, Jisub's latest movie, Only You, has been released on DVD. I'm sure many of us have seen it by now, and are just dying to share our thoughts and feelings on it.

Well, there's no longer a need to hold back! JSA is hosting an ONLY YOU REVIEW CONTEST!

All you have to do is post a review of the movie in the Only You thread. But of course, there are a few rules you must abide to:


1) You must write a minimum of 200 words, and a maximum of 500 words.

2) Only ONE review per person.

3) Your review must be posted in the Only You thread, just ONCE. If you double post, the modmins WILL delete the extra posts.

4) No profanity or mature themes. Keep in mind children may be reading.

5) Honest critique is encouraged. Feel free to criticize anything about the movie - even Jisub's acting!

6) Extra points for creativity. Try to make your review engaging and different.

So, you ask, why should you take part in this contest at all, besides the fun factor?

Well, the winner will win a $20 YesAsia gift certificate, courtesy of the Modmins. You can buy anything worth $20 and under with this gift certificate at the YesAsia website:

The contest starts TODAY! The deadline for posting your review is March 25 2012.

Anything posted after the deadline will not be eligible.

Our judges, the modmins, will announce the winner within a week after the contest ends.


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