Sunday, February 27, 2011

[51k updates] New pictures 25022011

more pictures from 51k were shared by dear Sarvin@soompi via April ^^ huge thanx to both ^^
doesnt this one give u some sweet thoughts ?
 still want this man in my kitchen keke

credit 51k

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Beware of the Cuteness ^^

these gifs need a post by themselves ^^ another side of Jisub we dont see so often ^^

he's priceless in this one ^^

Credit DC

Sieg Fahreinheit Wallpapers

im posting the following SF wallpaper links as shared by dearest Coconut Milk@soompi, she saved me today*hug*

So Ji Sub in SIEG FAHRENHEIT Springl/Summer 2011

SIEG pix are here youhoooooooo ^^ 
click to enlarge


credit http://www.siegfahre...sh_sgf/main.asp / Coconut Milk@soompi

So Ji Sub in Take KT : More pix

love this CF & the pix are the funny ones ^^

the smirk is 'evil' haha
love this sequence



cute cute

Credit Take website/Baidu