Wednesday, February 16, 2011

[Video] Giordano Movie

i should have posted this earlier but i forgot, sorry about that...
here's the Giordano Movie :

Credit FMStreetTeamMN

here's the translation of what's going on :
based on chinese translation by minami008 from SJS@baidu
translated by eilasa @ Soompi

SMA -- Shin Min Ah
SJS -- So Ji SubJWS -- Jung Woo Sung
TJK -- Tiger JK

SMA: (to self) The sound of everyone's footsteps is different.

SJS: Has she changed?TJK: Yeah, it is said that she become prettier.
SJS: Really?TJK: She has always been pretty.
SJS: Right, she has always been pretty.TJK: Nobody?
SMA: Coming!
SMA: Thank you.

SMA: (to self) I have yet to hear the footsteps I longed to hear

Trio playing rock paper scissors

SJS: Hold on!!!SJS: (whispers to TJK) Males to show rock.SMA: I will show rock.
SJS: Males to show rock, really.SMA: I know.
SJS: Yea, we males are supposed to show rock!
Trio together in kitchen

TJK: Aish, why is Woo Sung hyung not here yet? He's always late, the king of lateness. So what if you are an actor? What's the big deal being a star ah? Not coming here to help.
SMA: Forget it... He will be here shortly.

Minah coiling pasta around her fork

SJS: (to self) Why is my love always clinging? Is this jealousy? The washing of dishes will be left to him.
JWS: Hey JK, hyung is here.
JK: Hyung came.
JWS: But everytime I see you, I want to say I am hyung right.
TJK: Hyung, welcome back!

Jisub and Minah together
SJS: How's your travel?SJS: (to self) Wouldn't it be great if you travel with me.SMA: It's really good to travel on your own, it's also relaxing.
SJS: (to self) How good can it be to travel on your own? Next time...SMA: Alright, the four of us should travel together the next time.
SJS: Four person? Four person is too many! Next time...SMA: Here, this is for you.
SJS: Aish, why are you giving me this?TJK: Excuse me, move aside. What are you two doing? Dating? Right? Right?
SMA: Don't be childish.
TJK: Right right!!
SJS: I was going to hit hyung.TJK: It's an excuse!
JWS: Who hit our Minah?
SJS: Hyung!SMA: Oppa!

JWS: I am here.
TJK: Always late.
SJS: What? Stop hitting.JWS: For real?
SJS: It hurts.JWS: You just used your foot.
SJS: This is the basic.SJS: Stopping now?JWS: What, stopping now?
SMA: Stop!
SJS: We are only kidding.
Woosung and Minah in kitchen
SMA: Where have you been? Everyone is waiting.
JWS: Hey, you guys are too much? I am only slightly late and you are making me do all these.
SMA: Of course, wash them clean.
JWS: What are you saying? The only thing I am good at is washing the dishes. Jung Woo Sung who's washing dishes. Look, cool right?
SMA: What? Look, there's chilli. Can't you see?
JWS: Where? I can't see it at all.
SMA: Do you think you can marry me this way?
JWS: Ah, found out by me. I never thought of marrying you. Found out by me, wanting to get married to me?
SMA: No!!

Jisub picked up the harmonica
SJS: (to self) I have yet to hear the words I longed to hear.
Minah and Woosung together
JWS: Why is this with you?
SMA: I hid it when oppa was searching for it.
SMA: Oppa, why can't it be me? Forget all that should be forgotten.

Jisub overheard their exchange
JWS: Sorry, I don't think I can do that.
SJS: Is it not possible for me?

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