Monday, February 14, 2011

[Article] So Ji Sub releases second teaser for “Pick Up Line”

Building up anticipation for his unique image transformation, actor So Ji Sub released the second teaser for his debut hip hop track, “Pick Up Line“, through his official homepage!
Unlike the ‘comedy version’ released earlier on the 10th, So Ji Sub’s second teaser shows off his 180 degree change into a ’sexy hip hop rapper’. His leopard print suit and stylish aviators give off an air of urban sophistication, while at the same time, succeeding to lighten the star’s ’serious’ image.
Through his agency, 51k, So Ji Sub commented, “Instead of expecting comments like ‘he’s cool’ and ‘that’s refreshing,’ I’d rather people think ‘he’s a unique guy.’ I hope people view this with the thought that I’m trying something different from everyone else. Like my previous photo essay, I want this album to feature every part of me as I am.”
Check it out below!
Credit allkpop

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