Monday, October 17, 2011

"Only You" / "Always" VIP Premiere 17.10.2011 -1-

so glad to see a lot of stars came to Jisub's VIP premiere..evenif i dont know everyone's name im glad they're there for Jisub & Hyo Joo ^^
ill add the names as far as i find them ^^ & if im wrong please feel free to rectify them ^^ komawo ^^
♥ Sung Seung Heon ♥
 the man is simply gorgeous 
♥ Yoo Seung Ho " Little Jisub" ^^♥

Jang Gyu Woon (love him )
 Jung Joon Ha (Jisub's friend)

 Yoon So Yi

 Lee Seungi
 Lee Bum Soo
 Claziquai ( Alexxxxxxxx ^^)

 Lee Dong Wook & Kim Seuna ^^
 Jang Geun suk
 Lee Jin Wook

Bae Soo Bin

Lee Chun Hee & wife


here are the pix with names on them ^^ thanks to our friends in DC ^^

Credit on pic/DC

Edit : adding another pic ^^
memebers from Idol Group "Zea"

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