Tuesday, October 18, 2011

[Article] So Ji Sub shows his admiration for Yoo Jaesuk

In the movie "Only You," the main actor So Jisub spoke of the national MC Yoo Jaesuk in a way that overflowed with praise.

Last month on the MBC variety show "Infinity Challenge," So Jisub participated, showing his great variety skills and drawing lots of attention. However, when asked about it, he stated that he didn't think variety shows matched well with him.

So Jisub stated that filming for "Infinity Challenge" was much harder than filming for "Only You." During the filming for the movie, So Jisub commented that it was like having every skill he had squeezed out of him. Furthermore, he was curious about filming in variety shows.

He said, "Variety shows cause the entire cast to be pressured the entire time. We get stress because we have to make viewers in front of us laugh and if we don't make them laugh, we feel even more stress. The job of making people laugh and creating happiness is a really hard job."

Therefore, So Jisub believes that Yoo Jaesuk, who has that job is a really amazing person. The fact that he is able to overcome the stress and film several variety shows to create lots of laughter is even more amazing.

Meanwhile, the movie "Only You" will be coming out in theaters on October 20th.

Source: enews24 / koreaboo 

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