Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Only You" / "Always" Jisub attendance schedule

huge thanks to dear Saturn for Jisub's date & theater attendance the upcoming days ^^

Theater round schedule in Seoul so far...

Jisub attends
Oct.17 VIP premier COEX Megabox
Oct.20 5pm Korean fan club Youngsosa watching event, CGV Apgujeong.
Oct.22 5:30pm Seoul theater hall 10. 

Edit on the 10th October by dear Saturn :

According to, 3 more theater visiting schedule is added.

Jisub's theater visit in Seoul is on 23th of October too.
And on 28th and 30th in Daejeon city.

From 51k
Wed, October 12
CGV Wangshipri 19:00
Central ssineoseu 20:00

Thurs, Oct. 13
19:00 Lotte monument entrance
COEX Megabox 20:30 

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