Wednesday, August 31, 2011

[Video] So Ji Sub in "Vivien" CF Making

OMG!! he's so cute..wish i know how to make gifs from mnay beautiful "scenes" ^^

credit k1313k1313k@YT

Another making clip, huge thanks to dearest Sarvin/Nivras  for the link & tip ^^

Credit Sonisaran @YT


Nivras said...

I'm going to make few gif from this CF & maiking ^^ will post @soompi my dearest *KISSES*

Hind said...

really????? oh thank you so much, you know i love you ^^ im gonna lurk in there then kkk *kisses*

Nivras said...

I love you tooooooooooo ^^;
*KISSES & HUGzzzz*