Thursday, August 11, 2011

[Article) So Ji Sub to continue his special series on ‘Infinity Challenge’ next week

seems that Jisub liked being in a variety show cuz he's gonna appear for the scond time on 'Infinity challenge" & we are not at all complaining right??? ^^

So Ji Sub to continue his special series on ‘Infinity Challenge’ next week

Fans of So Ji Sub will be excited to hear that the actor will be making another appearance on MBC’s variety program, ‘Infinity Challenge‘!
On August 9th, producers of the show confirmed, So Ji Sub will be joining the recording for ‘Infinity Challenge’ next week.”
Fans received a hint about So Ji Sub’s appearance during a preview in the last episode, when captions read, “Coming soon, summer break special So Ji Sub series. To be released mid-August.”
When asked why the following episode wasn’t a continuation of So Ji Sub’s other episode, producers revealed that Jung Jun Ha was injured with a 7 cm cut and had to be put into an arm cast because he dove incorrectly into the waters. As such, they still had footage they needed to shoot.
Netizens commented, “Will we be able to see his abs again?”, and “I’m so happy we’ll be able to see So Ji Sub’s variety skills again!”

Source + Photos: Asia Today via Nate/allkpop

 im also gonna quote dear Dahee's post 

"After his successful first appearance on popular variety show Infinite Challenge, So Ji Sub will be filming one more episode for the show next week. The reason for this is simple: During the shoot for the previous episode he’d filmed, comedian and IC member Jung Joon Ha got into an accident and hurt his head, forcing an end to filming. In order to fill in all the time that he was supposed to film, and then some, So Ji Sub agreed to one more episode. Hee! I can’t wait. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him fall to the pits of variety show embarrassment in the previous episode, going so far as to have Noh Hong Chul use his abs to wash some clothing. (Washboard abs, get it? Get it?) It was nice to see him laugh like a little boy and not know what to do with himself, too. I’m excited to see how they’ll be embarrassing him in this episode. Tee hee."

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