Wednesday, August 24, 2011

[Caps] So Ji Sub @ Infinity Challenge preview

he's happy, not knowing what he'll go through ^^

 our flower namja ^^
 i wanna play in the water too *cry*
 love his incredulous face, wonder what he did see
 Junha, u're such a loyal & trustworthy friend kkk 

 so cutely eating

a laugh from the bottom of his heart
 kkk checking what's going on
 oh my poor baby, what r they doing to u?? kkk
credit on pic/DC

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khin said...

I remember he scare of poping the ballom. He was so cute when he was playing with the kids on one program a few years back. He also so cute on this IC too. Can't wait to see and hope...^^ someone translate for us....thanks my chingu.