Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Video teaser of So Ji Sub @ Japan Fanmeeting DVD

I know that all of us (except the lucky ones who attended ) badly wanted to be at Jisub's Fan Meeting held in Tokyo & also badly wanted to see what happened...i've read a lot of fanaccounts but it's not really the same as being there or to personally see every tiny detail right?? so while waiting for the DVD to be out on the 27th May , here are some glimpses of it with a short video ive come across in Baidu & Youtube ^^

 i wanna know what's the question , he's so shy while answering it

 Mr Hip Hop ^^

 At the airport

the teaser
Credit 009ik1


Nivras said...

oh I'm going crazy about this fan meeting >_<
my dear Hind, can you see the youtube vid @ soompi that Mariko posted?

I think it's just for Japanese! :(

Hind said...

i cant open it either, it gave me the same error as you dear *sad*
hope Mariko'll upload it again or dl it elsewhere...