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[Article] So Ji Sub - Han Hyo Ju Meet for First Time for "Only You"

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April 4, 2011

So Ji Sub - Han Hyo Ju Meet for First Time for "Only You" 

The movie "Only You" which surprised the movie industry with its superstar cast of Han Hyo Ju and So Ji Sup, officially started filming on March 31st. The movie is expected to hit the theaters this fall and will show a beautiful love story.

The first scene between ex-boxer Chul Min and a blind person who never loses her smile, Jung Hwa, was filmed in front of an animal hospital in Seoul.

So Ji Sup, who has the role of Chul Min, was able to absorb into his character completely and was able to express the feelings of worry for Jung Hwa perfectly. He was dressed in a casual hoodie and worn out jeans but still was so good looking that fans who were watching the filming process were stunned by his looks.

Also, Han Hyo Ju surprised the staff and onlookers with her experienced acting as a blind character, Jung Hwa since she spent a lot of time with children who couldn't see while preparing for the movie. Han Hyo Ju is expected to show a more mature side of herself since she mostly showed her bright side through dramas and CFs.

Director Song Il Gon showed dedication for the work by making sure that each expression and path was perfect. He said that he was confident that the two actors will be able to share a beautiful yet sad love story. 

Source: Osen by dongie via askactor.com

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