Thursday, April 28, 2011

[Article] The best combination of a couple?

This year started off with human drama ("Late Blossom") or comedy dramas ("Suicidal Forecast"). It's not easy to see a heart trembling mellow flick. Which couple from the mellow flicks that are due this later half of this year, are audiences looking forward to see the most?

 "Only You - Movie" So Ji-sub and Han Hyo-joo

Traditional mellow movie, "Only You - Movie" is soon to be released. "So Gan-ji, So Ji-sub" and young beauty Han Hyo-joo have the Chungmuro looking forward to it.

"Only You - Movie" is about a destined love between a former boxer Cheol-min who has lived a weedy life, and Jeong-hwa who doesn't lose her smile even with a dark future ahead of her. Director Song Il-gon showed confidence in the two actors' beautiful but sad love story, "True emotions will convey to the audience".

Source : ( Korean )
Translation : Hancinema 

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