Tuesday, April 5, 2011

[Article] First Official Still From “Only You”

im reposting a post from dear Dahee's blog ( link below) concerning "Only You" that i thought will shed more light on the movie.


repost from Daheefanel.blog

First Official Still From “Only You”

Fans of So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo will probably have already seen the fan-taken photos of the two on their first day of filming, the 31st of March. But now an official still from that day has been released for the public to ogle over. Filming took place in front of a veterinary clinic in Seoul. So’s character, Chul-min, is a former boxer who is now delivering bottled water and working in parking services for a living. Han’s character, Jung-hwa, is a cheerful woman despite being blind. (And I’ve read reports that she’s a telemarketer.)
Critically-acclaimed director Song Il Gon, who’s received praise for small indie flicks like The Magicians and Feathers in the Wind, said: “Sincere emotions are always sure to touch the audience.” Meanwhile, So has been cast in another project, the action film Employee, which will begin filming directly after filming for Only You ends. He’s gonna be one busy guy.
Only You is set to hit theatres in the fall.
I’m excited! I know people have been writing off this movie as being just another weepy romance, but those people clearly have not seen Song Il Gon’s work before. Feathers in the Wind had a similarly romantic and kinda cliched premise, but it was in its execution that it succeeded. It was never maudlin, always sincere, and full of some breathtaking images. I think we can expect good things from this film. It’s about time So Ji Sub had another good project after the bomb that was Road No. 1, after all…

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