Saturday, January 12, 2013

[Video] So Ji Sub on "music triangle" 09012013

from dear 한초하 on FB :

 "Every Wednesday for 3 weeks, cable music channel Mnet' programe "Triangle" will show how SoJisub produces his new hip hop album.
I don't know you can watch. Anyway, I can watch him from tomorrow at Wednesday 6PM. And in this MV, YooSeungho will be as SoJisub's twenties.
In the same MV, SoJisub will be too as 30's.
Park Shinhe told before she liked SoJisub and YooSeungho. And she will be in this MV as beloved woman by two handsome guys. YooSeungho was in SoJisub's last MV Lonely life and he played as little SoJisub there.
... Now, Yoo will play as SoJisub's 20's in the new MV."

first vid :
Wednesday 09012013
Credit : uploader/mnet

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