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[Article] So Ji Sub to greet fans as a rapper through Mnet's special project 'Collabo One'

By Korea Star Daily | 
South Korean actor So Ji Sub will be the first entertainer to participate in Mnet's special project 'Collabo One', where he will transform into a rapper and release his new album in mid-January.

'Collabo One' is a new project that invites entertainers who aren't singers by profession to participate in a collaboration with other musicians. The production team will invite an entertainer who loves music to participate each month, and offer him/her the chance to work with music professionals.

'Music Triangle' which airs at the same time every Wednesday through KM and Mnet, will broadcast So Ji Sub's album production process for 3 consecutive weeks. Footage of him recording in the studio will be revealed for the first time through the program on January 9th.

In the 'Music Triangle' teaser video, the scene of So Ji Sub doing rapping drew much attention. As he rapped along with the beat, So Ji Sub gives off the impression that he was a rapper by profession. According to the production members, So Ji Sub participated in the entire production process, and even wrote the lyrics, showing his passion for music composition.

So Ji Sub who loves rap a lot, has released his own album in the past. He released a single album titled 'Lonely Life' as G back in August 2008, and also released another single titled 'Foolish Love' in November of the same year as G. In 2011, he released another single called 'Pick Up Line' and followed up with a mini album titled 'Corona Borealis' in March of 2012, showing his repeated attempts in the music industry.

And just like in the past, So Ji Sub will not be doing any promotions for his new album, with 'Music Triangle' being the only avenue to release exclusive production footage of So Ji Sub recording his album. The production team expressed, "The footage that will broadcast every week will dictate the process through which So Ji Sub becomes a rapper, and revealed his music story as So Ji Sub the singer and not an actor."

The Mnet content planning team leader expressed, "Mnet is a representative music channel in Asia, and we always strive to bring to the public a wide range of different music genres. The project that we are producing this time, unites entertainers who aren't singers by profession with professional musicians to produce music. This project ties in greatly with Mnet's motto of 'Music Makes One'. So Ji Sub will release his new song in January, and we will be inviting more entertainers that loves music after So Ji Sub onto our program to work on new music, please wait in anticipation."

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