Thursday, September 22, 2011

[Video] So Ji Sub and HHJ on SBS 'Night of TV Entertainment"

SJS and HHJ were on SBS 'Night of TV Entertainment"

Credit : Nivras16@YT

dear Sarvin posted the following recap from what was said in the video above on Soompi ^^ thanks so much dear ^^

Actors So Ji Sup and Han Hyo Joo stopped by a popular SBS entertainment program on September 21st to talk about their new movie, ‘Only You‘.

During the interview, So Ji Sub remarked, “Hyo Joo has never once called me ‘oppa’. She has no aegyo!” Han Hyo Joo quickly came to her own defense with, “I do too! Its just you’re so much older than I am!”
[in korea young girls showed very pretty & charming gestures to look very attractive to other people that is called "aegyo".]

Jo Young Kyu chimed in at this point and said, “My wife is 11 years younger than me, but she talks back to me,” which caused everyone in the studio to laugh.

[So- Ju couple means So(Jisub)-(HanHyo)Ju. After filming Always, many people call them like this.]

Mr. Cho miscalled So-Ju couple as So-Ju club, So, they laughed. Also, Mr. Cho asked several questions to SJS and HHJ to know if they could be going well in real life not only in the movie. The first question is if SJS finds someone to suit his or her fansy, he asked her to give her phone number? SJS answered he couldn't ask. And HHJ said usually women didn't do that.

Mr. Cho asked HHJ to call SJS Oppa. As HHJ are trying to call SJS Oppa, SJS abruptly told HHJ "don't do that." Everybody laughed aloud.

SJS told HHJ is like older person for her age. SJS expected HHJ has much aegyo for her age but she looks grown-up for her age. But SJS told it was so good.

Mr. Cho asked if SJS and HHJ took same CF and what kind of CF they wanted. HHJ wanted Coffee CF but SJS told I am Coffee CF model already(Twosomeplace). So, HHJ told how about 소주(Korean distilled liquor) because the sound is so similar to SO-JU.

Towards the end of the interview, So Ji Sub explained that he “doesn’t like action movies.” He continued, “They’re tiring and I would like act in a romantic comedy. Please send in your ideas!”
Han Hyo Joo made a point to reiterate her case: “I really do have aegyo…”