Wednesday, September 21, 2011

[Video] "Only You" / "Always" Press Conference 20.09.2011

ill insert the videos in this post , so please check it from time to time ^^

Credit : Sonisaran@YT

Credit : Nivras16@YT

Credit : Nivras16@YT

Credit : hikaru9909@YT

The show hostess asked HHJ about her first bed scene.
HHJ answered SJS was so nice and and there was no problem.
As soon as HHJ answered like this SJS and HHJ laughed because they are so shy.
And then the show hostess asked SJS also about bed scene. "How about you, SJS?"
SJS answered like this" I have experienced many bed scenes. So,It's ok." :lol: 
And all reporters and SJS and HHJ and director Song also laughed.
thanks to 한초하 @facebook for translation ♥♥♥ ~ 

thanks to Sarvin@soompi


Credit : only51k@YT

Edit :

Credit : 009ik1 @ YT

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